When something’s undercover, it isn’t quite what it seems. Is everything in the Bible quite what it looks like?

Galilee, Israel

Sometime in the first few decades AD, Jesus recruited his first disciples on the banks of a lake. They were pretty ordinary, pretty neurotic, and pretty ill-equipped  – being as they were a loose rabble of fishermen, tax-collectors and terrorists.

Two millennia on, and we’re still pretty ordinary, pretty neurotic and pretty ill-equipped. Only now, instead of a movement that started around cooking fires on the banks of an Israeli lake with the aroma of barbecued fish and cardamom in the air, one in three people is a Christian – living in a world that the authors of the Bible couldn’t conceive and probably wouldn’t believe.

Hopefully this blog is more helpful than Siri.

Our world is so different from that in which the books of the Bible were put together, that there are often quite a few layers to pull back before we can understand what passages in the Bible might mean for us. After all, any one sentence comes from a different time, a different language, a different country, and a different culture.

This blog is about peeling back those layers, and looking at our Christian faith from different angles, to create fresh perspectives on old ideas.

When we do this, many of our worst religious excesses slip away. After all, every once in a while, it’s good to drop the religiousness, smile at it, and remember that it started with a small group of friends who sat down in the evenings to listen to a man who would change how we think about God, forever.

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  1. Love, love, love this…too bad the only option is “Like.” This is a wonderful (and Biblical) view of what unity in the body should look like. Thank you for the inspiration. (I’ll post a link when I’ve finished the article.) 🙂

    Praising Jesus!

    Oh, almost forgot. Thank you so much for stopping by Lessons by Heart and leaving a comment. Your comment led me here.

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